Corporate Governance & Compliance Practice

Compliance with state regulations is a vital part of succeeding in business. The increasing complexity of regulations and policies can challenge the resources of even the most sophisticated business, and an enforcement action – or the threat of one – can have serious repercussions. Our lawyers are prepared to address the myriad of compliance issues with a holistic approach covering risk assessment, prevention and implementation, and resolution. We have in-depth knowledge and experience in developing compliance programs specifically tailored to each client, designed to help prevent companies to violate the law.
We work alongside our clients’ boards, management and legal teams, providing tailored advice on legal and regulatory requirements, emerging trends and market best practice, including with respect to corporate law and governance frameworks.
Also, we are preparing code of business ethics and other key risk compliance policies covering anti-corruption, insider trading, anti-money laundering, data privacy, government contracts, and whistleblower procedures.